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Goodnight everyone

I’ll do replies next time. But just a heads up. I will not get on for a week at least because I will be out of town. I will miss you all so bye bye for now

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notarealpineapple entered the kitchen

"Oh. Hello, can I help you?"

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gumgumarsenal entered the kitchen

"Luffy-kun…..dinner isn’t ready yet."

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archaeologistnicorobinn entered the kitchen

"Hello there, Robin-chwan~."

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♠ “Sanjiko, do I need to kiss your nose till the blood dries again??” ♠

"Yes, please. Anything to get closer to them abs.

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prince-of-embers replied to your post:-bites her neck-
"Love bites."

"Ace-kun loves me enough to mark me?! Now I can die happy!"

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"A-Are you comfy? If not…is there anyway I can help?" He asked smiling at her shyly.

The blonde felt awkward simply lying next to him. She brushed some hair from her face and looked up at him. “You could wrap your arms around me….”

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prince-of-embers sent: -bites her neck-


"A-Ace-kun! What a-are you doing?!"

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fishyroyalty entered the kitchen


The mermaid laid her hand on her growling stomach.

"A-actually… Y-yes… But i-if it’s to much trouble then i-it’s okay!"

"Nonsense. I’d be happy to feed you. After all, it is my duty as a chef to feed hungry people."

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Sweet dreams I’ll do replies and whatnot next time~!